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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tool 9 Using Jing and Screencast

Working with Jing and Screencast was pretty eassy and awesome -once you get done the downloading and signing up part. It is so easy to record your screen and show everyone how to do things... you don't have to be phisically togehter with a peer or student if you want to show them how to do something on the computer... you can just record the process on your screen and they will have the video of it available as many times as they need without you having to go over the issue with them again! Evenmore, they can pause the video and work along with it in another window so they can get it done! It will save you so much time... you don't have to go student per student anymore (specially with little ones). I loved it.
You and your students can also record powerpoint presentations or pictures as videos and record voices, so you/they can make read aloud books, reading along books, classroom projects presentations, etc.
Chilren can not only share their projects on video but also teach each other how to do things!
Sharing is as eassy as sending an invitation or embedding the video or just pasting a link. Awesome!

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