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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tool 3 - Mushups

I find some much fun to play with some of the mushups. First I used Comic Strip Generator to make a Magazine Cover and had lots of fun, it was easy and quick to make! Then I tried Image Cheff to make a "wanted" poster, and a newspaper video; it was easy, fun and quick as well!

With the comic strip generator the students can Make Magazine Covers and write news about the clasroom, the school, their learning or their personal life. They can also create cartoons and use captions, which will motivate them to create and write stories for their peers to read and comment on while having fun.

Image Jeff is also a great generator for ideas to write about. Students can create visual poetry, stories, word mosaics, and news (both wrtten and video news). I can see the kids blogging on those images and stories!

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