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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tool 5 Tagging and social network

I searched on Delicious using "canciones para ninos en espanol" and found this interesting websites: and
Both websites have wonderful resources in spanish for early literacy inculding classic fables, traditional songs, online read aloud stories, etc. They both have also early writing resources and activities, games, handcrafts, etc.

Using Digo and doing the same search I found This website is more oriented to parents than to educators, but you can find songs, stories, jokes and fun videos for children. I also found on Digo this beautiful website: which is full of stories to teach values to children; the stories are organized by values or in aplhabetical order, there are thousands of them. This website also has "audiocuentos" (stories read aloud) that you can acces by creating a link to your blog.

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