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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tool 2 - Personal Learning Network (PLN)

I think a PLN is a great tool to share knowledge, questions and ideas with other people. It is a great opportunity to grow as a profesional by debating, discussing and commenting on different topics related to education, the school, the students, etc.
It is also a great opportunity to listen to my students, their needs, wonders, and thoughts. It will motivate them to open up to me and to other students; will allow us to grow not only academically but as a classroom community.


  1. Mrs. Alvarado,

    I agree with you that a PLN is a great way to give students an opportunity to express themselves and share their needs, wonders, and thoughts. A lot of people, both old and young, feel empowered behind a keyboard and are able to be more expressive rather than doing it face to face. Great comment on your part! See you soon!

  2. So...I'm the newest part of our PLN then! What sticks out to me about your post is the key phrase, 'opportunity to grow.' I see it that way too and look forward to exploring how both our classrooms will benefit from incorporating blogging this year. Wonder what their creative juices will come up with...