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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tool 7 - Digital Story Telling

I used Photo Story 3 to make a video with pictures I've taken around the US. Making the video was easy once I had ready the pictures I wanted -which was the time consuming part.
I had no problems uploading the pictures, finding background music at and saving it on my hard drive as a finished product--a wmv . The problem I have enconter is trying to upload the video to my blog... I've been trying all day long but have not succeed. I guess I'll try at 3:00 o'clock in the morning to see if I get lucky.
For now I guess I can go ahead and write about How can I inccorporate this tool in my classroom.

I think the story telling is an incredible tool for my students to make books and improve their writing and reading skills. They can make both fiction and nonfiction books, create stories on their own or simply retell a story by making illustrations. They can also create videos to explain concepts to other students or just show their work to others or their parents. They will have so much funn with it!

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